DSL Home Package A
  • $60.00 per month (includes DSL Modem rental).
  • $60.00 - DSL Set up & Modem Installation.
  • 5 E-Mail Addresses (included).
  • 1 MB of Personal Web Space (included).
  • Kidz-Net filtering available at no extra charge.
  • 1 Static IP Address included.
  • Additional IP Addresses available.
  • 25GB combined Upload/Download data transfer cap.
  • NO hidden charges.
With this package you can...
  • Share with all your home PC's with no extra per PC fee.
  • Download at up to 3 Mbps, upload at up to 800 Kbps.
  • Add extra static IP's.
  • Include Kidz-Net content management at no extra cost.
Additional Information
  1. G.S.T. is additional to all prices.
  2. Additional e-mail addresses available for $20.00 per address set up fee.
  3. 24 Hour Network Monitoring.
  4. 14 Day money back guarantee.
  5. 99.4% Proprietary guarantee availability of the BNS Network.
  6. Technical Support available.
  7. Speeds suggested are averages. Actual speed may vary with location.
  8. Availability of DSL technology in any location is not guaranteed.
  9. Accounts choosing Kidz-Net content management are not eligibile for static IP's.
  10. All DSL plans are annual contracts ONLY. Monthly payment terms available.
  11. Installation as quoted is for single PC environments. Networking for multiple connections is available as an additional billable service. No additional per PC monthly fee is charged after the networking is installed.
Payment Details
Product Number: DSLHOMEA
DSL Set Up & Modem Installation (1 time only): $60.00
Monthly Fee (includes DSL modem rental): $60.00
Sub Total: $120.00
GST: $8.40
Total: $128.40