DSL Business Package E - 4 Mbps PPPoE
  • $295.00 per month (includes DSL Device rental).
  • $250.00 - DSL Set up & Device Installation (56K modem back-up available for no charge).
  • 1 Static IP Address included.
  • Additional IP Addresses available.
  • NO data transfer caps.
  • NO hidden charges.
With this package you can...
  • Share with all your office PC's with no extra per PC fee.
  • Download at up to 4 Mbps, upload at up to 800 Kbps.
  • Add extra static IP's.
  • Include SirFilter content management at no extra cost.
Additional Information
  • G.S.T. is additional to all prices.
  • 24 Hour Network Monitoring.
  • 14 Day money back guarantee, service only. Set up fees are non-refundable.
  • 99.4% Proprietary guarantee availability of the BNS Network.
  • Technical Support available.
  • Speeds suggested are averages. Actual speed may vary with location.
  • Availability of DSL technology in any location is not guaranteed.
  • All DSL plans are annual contracts ONLY. Monthly payment terms available.
  • Accounts choosing SirFilter content management are not eligible for fixed IP's.
Payment Details
Product Number: DSLBUSE
DSL Set Up & Device Installation (1 time only): $250.00
Monthly Fee (includes DSL device rental): $295.00
Sub Total: $545.00
GST: $38.15
Total: $583.15